Courses Fall 2019

EAS 2600 – Earth Processes
An introduction to earth materials and processes including plate tectonics, mineralogy, geology, Earth history, biogeochemistry, oceanography, meteorology, and climate change.

EAS 3603 – Thermodynamics of Earth Systems
An introduction to the thermodynamics of the Earth and atmosphere including open and closed systems, the equation of state, 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics, phase equilibria, moist processes in the atmosphere, and aquatic chemistry. Class is taught in an interactive setting, with half spent on a traditional lecture and the other half completing worksheets and collaborating on practical problems.
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Past Courses

EAS 4300 – Oceanography
This course is an introduction to the ocean sciences, with particular focus on the role of the ocean in the geological, biological, chemical, physical, climatic, and human aspects of the Earth system. The class also covers interdisciplinary aspects of oceanography like El Ni├▒o, Global Warming, The Carbon Cycle, Iron and Biogeochemical Cycles, Life in the Deep Ocean, Hydrothermal Vents, Oceanography from Space, Deep Ocean Explorations.

EAS 6211 – Geochemical Thermodynamics
Fundamental principles of chemical equilibria in geochemical systems with emphasis on solution properties and mineral water equilibria.

EAS 6214 – Aqueous Geochemistry
Chemical processes that regulate compositions of natural waters at or near the Earth’s surface, with emphasis on quantitative calculations of acid-base, solubility, and redox equilibria.

EAS 6140 –┬áThermodynamics of the Atmosphere & Oceans
The instabilities and flows created by exchanges of heat.

EAS 6405 – Introduction to Atmospheric and Aqueous Chemistry
An introduction to the basics of atmospheric and aqueous chemistry for first semester graduate students. The class goes over photochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, redox systems, carbon chemistry, radioactive and stable isotopes, and gas/solid reactions.